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Scott Olsen is a talented musician who plays a plethora of different instruments, but in Relic he mostly sticks to his gorgeous Breedlove acoustic guitar.  He also plays harmonica and sings lead vocal on about 1/3 of our songs.  In our harmonies, Scott is the middle voice.

Scott is a native of Young Ward, in Cache Valley, Utah.  He currently resides in Garland, Utah, and is a long haul truck driver for Hancock Transportation.


Steve Roberts is actually a rock and roll drummer.  In Relic, he switches things up a bit and plays a Taylor acoustic guitar... and occasionally beats on a Cajon drum box.  We're even talking him into playing bass on a couple of songs.  Steve is the baritone of our group, and sings lead vocal on about 1/3 of our songs.

Steve grew up on Southern California and currently lives in Providence, Utah.  He works designing bridges for JUB Engineers.


Irv Nelson is primarily a keyboard player, but in Relic he plays a Taylor acoustic guitar, a Hohner 12-string acoustic guitar, and a Breedlove acoustic bass guitar.  In addition to singing lead vocal on the other 1/3 of our songs, Irv is the top voice in our harmonies. 

Irv was raised in Cottonwood, Utah and currently resides in Smithfield.  His day job is teaching private piano, guitar, bass and vocal lessons in Logan.